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Sun Spring Resort is a leisure resort hotel located in Jiaoxi (Jiaosi), Yilan. All safety measures and facilities adhere to the strictest standards mandated by the government. You can enjoy soaking in our natural hot springs. We recommend that you get up early, go to the top floor to overlook the Lanyang Plain. After breakfast, take a walk to the nearby Jiaoxi Park. If you feel like swimming, go to the swimming pool right next to the park. Then come back to Sun Spring Resort for a delicious combination meal for lunch.

Sun Spring Resort provides excellent facilities, including a public hot spring spa pool, naked spa pools, a coffee shop, scenic overlooks, restaurants, in-room hot spring, conference rooms, and so on, to meet various needs of tourists or corporate guests. If you have any needs, please call us at 03-988-7979 #5!
礁溪山泉大飯店 Sun Spring Resort

Sun Spring Resort Co., LTD.
地址:26241 宜蘭縣礁溪鄉礁溪路六段36號
No.36, Sec. 6, Jiaoxi Rd., Jiaoxi Town ship, Yilan County, Taiwan

客服電話:03-988-7979 分機 5 訂房組
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