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Doctor Fish Pedicure ~ fun and enjoyable

Have you heard of doctor fish pedicure? Sun Spring Resort introduced doctor fish pedicure (also known as Garra Rufa spa),which are little fish that nibble on your feet and feast on the dead skin cells of your feet. Sun Spring Resort has over 20,000 doctor fish at your service.

Simply soak your feet in the water, and the fish will come to your feet. Your feet may feel tingly and itchy at first, but soon you will get used to it and begin to enjoy the experience.

Call us at 03-988-7979 #5 if you have any questions.
Dr. Fish / Garra Rufa
According to research, doctor fish spa originated from Turkey. Doctor fish can clean off the dead skin of your feet, as well as suck the impurities and bacteria out of your skin pores so that your skin can breathe again. The practice of doctor fish spa is popular in Korea and Japan.
Dr. Fish is not cheap
A 3-CM-long doctor fish is priced at NT150 apiece. They can only live in water with temperature from 33C to 38C. If you have never done doctor fish spa, come to Sun Spring Resort! We have the largest doctor fish pool. We open from 08:00~22:00 every day.
Dr. Fish pedicure cost in Europe
39 EUR is about 1,428 TWD.
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